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In my district, the critical issues are: early childhood education, school funding, student safety, finding resources for mental health treatment and making sure our children have access to the latest technology. Our schools need to be accountable and transparent. Parents must be empowered to direct their child's learning and be given the choice of the schools their children attend. I'm opposed to getting rid of resource officers in our schools.  

My opponent consistently supports legislation diminishing parental choices.



Someone needs to step up and solve our homeless problem. I want to make sure we get mental health help to those who want it. Everyone in HD2 deserves to be able to live safely in each and every neighborhood.  I am fully committed to resolving this issue. 

My opponent has yet to craft or support legislation that addresses this issue in the state of Colorado. 


We do not know when the Covid-19 pandemic is going to end. We do know that together we can overcome anything. We need to support policies to ensure good mental health. Transparency in government is more important than ever. We need to support new work from home policies. The new normalcy is going to be dominated by people who work from home.


We need to make sure our environmental decisions are based on smart economics and good science.  I thank Senator Gardner's (CO) for leading the charge for the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act- a landmark conservation legislation that fully finances the land and water conservation fund.

Committee to Elect Victoria Partridge
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